Men formal Leather shoes | Footwear Online Shopping Pakistan | SERVIS

Men formal Leather shoes | Footwear Online Shopping Pakistan | SERVIS

The right shoes for men can change their whole personality. Pick the right one for your look!

Shoes are something that we simply cannot live without; every man needs at least one formal pair of shoes is the must-have in every man’s shoe rack. But, whether you wear it every day to the office, or on a couple of times a year to a formal event, anyway, it can be a bit tricky to know which style to pick for yourself. But, you can nail any look with semi-formal men footwear as well, only if you know how to carry the look.

Men’s formal shoes tend to be more than just an investment when compared with other shoes; that is why it makes these formal shoes last longer. It is also true that prices can differ from style to quality; it’s worth finding the best quality pair to suit your style and budget. But, put an end to your search, as you can get the best formal footwear for men at reasonable prices from Servis.

Nevertheless, not all formal shoes will go with every formal outfit. That is why it is so important to think about the right style and colour when putting it all together. And of course, you can never neglect your style. For instance, shoes complementing the brown dress are rear find, but Servis has a variety of cosy leather shoes that go so well with it.

Formal shoes are of different types, did you know that? 

Before you get excited to buy your favourite formal leather shoes, understand that there are a few types of formal shoes that you can choose from. There are plenty of occasions but there are mainly only four types of versatile formal shoes that you can fit in and slay any day. It is quite essential to understand what is the use of each of the formal shoes for men before jumping into deeper details of colour coordination with the outfit. To start, let’s have a brief introduction to these types of shoes:

The types of formal shoes for men consists of these 4 types: Oxford, Derby, Brogue and Loafer. Oxford is the most classic type that has been evolved. Now, it has so many shapes and styles. Just like the name suggests, it is distinctively traditional and streamlined in its construction. The classy construction allows it to be worn in the most formal of occasions. Simply grab a black-tie event or the most formal event you can think of. 

It’s not over yet, here are a few more types to consider!

Derbies are the other types of formal shoes for gents. These type of shoes are more commonly associated with any classy wear a man can choose thanks to the versatility of these classic shoes. This is one of the reasons why they are trending formal shoes for all seasons or events. Another type of leather footwear is Oxfords, these are the distinguished leather shoes for men because of the unique low heel, exposed ankle and closed lacing feature. The last one of the list is the instantly recognisable brogue.

While shopping for the favourite pair of shoes, the most important thing to keep in mind is that formal shoes can take a bit of time to adjust until your foot get comfortable with it. So, take our advice and do not wear new footwear at a big event for the first time to avoid hours of discomfort! Also, don’t think that your shoes do not require care. Because they certainly do! Take proper care of the pair of shoes you choose so they, and you can always look smart.

Now that you know it all, choose it wisely!

As we said before, the best formal shoes by a quality brand can enhance the overall look of your personality, but only if you know what to choose and how to pair it right. But, don’t worry as Servis has a variety of shoes that you can grab and nail any look any day. For instance, brown leather formal shoes for men are the customer’s favourite and can give you a whole new look.

So, step in any Servis outlet or visit our online store today and shop formal shoes for gents from the latest formal shoe collection. Not only can you enjoy easy payment options and quick delivery, but also fast fashion with Servis like never before. 

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