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Pakistani Sandals for Men | Best Gents Sandals 2020 | SERVIS

Here are some tips for Choosing Gents Sandals to complete the Summer Look!

Summer season means a new lineup of stylish sandals for gents to make your everyday look just perfect. Planning to kick off some heat at the beach or going for a casual walk around, or maybe your schedule is packed with non-stop days on your feet. What feet want in any case the most is comfort and ease!

No matter the outfit, a stylish sandal for man is enough to give a defining twist to his look. But, why not aim to nail every look? Servis has the most exciting variety of men's sandals online and in-stores to help you with it! Most of the variety includes fancy and casual shoes for ladies. But, we haven’t forgotten gents and the little ones! Pakistani sandals for men and kids collection by Servis is the fan favourite, especially during the festive season. This variety best compliments the local dresses.

These well crafted, branded sandals for men, are what that add comfort and life to summer look. Some of the best sandals for men available in Pakistan are right here at Servis outlet and online store at the most comparative prices. Most popular amongst customers are:

  • Men's Slide Sandals - The first pick is the slide sandals by Servis which has always been the talk of the town!
  • Men’s Dress Sandals - These can serve as “office casual” footwear. The all-rounders can complete just about any look.
  • Men’s Walking Sandals - Comfort is key when pounding the pavement all day. The walking sandals from Servis will provide just that, and more! 
  • Men’s Leather Sandals- This pick features comfortable footbeds and lightweight designs that stand up to all of the summer activities.

While we are at it, here are some tips you should consider while thinking about buying a pair of amazing sandals. You can wear the right pair confidently anywhere and still look your best!

Choose sandals according to the plan!

With summer comes plans like hiking or hitting the beach. If any of the plans include exposure of feet, make sure they are well taken care of - with the right men’s summer sandals choice. For this, Servis has a variety of strap sandals for men to give your feet the comfort and support it requires. The most loved one out of all the comfortable shoes is hiking sandals designed for men and their wild plans! Yes, hiking boots are almost obsolete now on trails as now men opt to hike in best leather sandals instead. But wait, these sandals are not suitable for your days in water, or beach, water sandals, also known as men’s beach sandals are the perfect fit for such plans. Now, if you are thinking about nailing your professional look, choose something from our Men’s Designer or Formal Sandals Collection.

Servis has another pick to keep your feet comfortable while you are out and about - its the men’s sport sandals! Sports sandals are the most rugged sandals. They’re often waterproof, have comfortable soles, and offer multiple adjustable straps for the best fit. So, remember the first tip, choose your footwear according to the plan or event!

Pair your outfit and sandal shoes rightly, men!

If you want to nail every look, make sure you make the right pairing! Every man loves sandal shoes and wants to slip in at the earliest. But, make sure you make the right pairing because it can make or break your look. For instance, men's sandals and jeans only go together if you play wisely! If you want to look cheery, you should roll up your pants above the ankles and pull off a good pin roll. However, picking the right sandals for Pakistani men can be a bit troubling.

To bring out the best of your local look at a festival or an event, just step in any Servis outlet and choose from the men's dress sandal shoe collection or shop online! With the right pairing of your outfit and the world-class, premium leather footwear make your style game stronger. Note down the second tip, pair your sandals rightly!

Pick the most Stylish ones!

Stylish sandals can bring fashion and men together! But before that, hear us out, don't hate simple sandals, men, because if worn correctly it will always look good. For instance, the always in-trend Peshawari sandals for men bring out the classic look in the best way possible. We can all agree on this, right? Another classic example is of the roman style sandals for men which can give your look a completely new twist. Aim for the stylish sandals but know that you can always look great if you wear it smartly!

With these amazing tips, you can pull off any look from wearing men's sandals with jeans to the professional look effortlessly. Now that you know it all, choose something amazing from the stylish men’s sandals sale or new arrival at Servis and rock every look! You can also order online and can get your favourite pair of sandals for men at your doorstep in comparative prices and can enjoy Cash on Delivery (COD) as well. 

The world is changing, but you are still stuck with your old white sandals. Step up, visit the Servis website, buy something from our online-exclusive export collection at the most affordable prices and nail the look! Try it with Servis and let the world fall for you.

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