servis latest comfort collection

Servis latest comfort collection

Thinking of travelling up north in Pakistan but don’t have a comfortable pair of shoes? Don’t you worry! Servis has got a variety of comfort shoes for men and women and kids too. These shoes are going to be perfect if you are planning to go on a vacation, a trip up north or even during flights, to keep you relaxed and chilled out.

So hurry up and grab your favorite pair of the most comfortable shoes you can ever slide your feet in. find out more in detail below about the stylish and trendiest new style shoes at Servis.

Our focus

Our priority is pretty straightforward as we always aim to provide our customers with comfort blended with style. The latest comfort collection at Servis focuses on making every pair of sandals for girls and every pair of flats having a sole so soft that it feels like walking on the clouds. Yes indeed! Our padded soles and heels are the key to a comfy experience.

Every day wear sandals

Whether you are a working woman or a full-time housewife, your feet deserve all the care. Our latest collection of slippers for girls is especially meant for foot care.  So standing for long hours in the kitchen or working tirelessly in the office in a long-gone history. Say goodbye to your flats that bite you in the feet, and give them the ultimate love and care with our soft sandals. They will not only make you feel relaxed but will also correct your body posture. The reason why most women complain of the knee and joint pains is because of the wrong posture they develop over time. A lot of doctors recommend the patients to opt for wedged heels or shoes with platform heels. Hence, our new design casual shoes aim to give you the right posture with added comfort.

Stylish casual shoes for men

It's time for men to update their wardrobe with some game-changer shoes. Shop away the comfiest yet stylish pair of casual shoes for men.  Well, men's feet also deserve all the care and with our strappy sandals, you can walk miles without feeling a thing. Yes, that’s true! Our slip-ons for men are so soft, the moment you slide in your feet, and you will feel relaxed.

These slip-ons incorporated with the latest casual shoes design for men are perfect for everyday wear, for home, and for the office too. And the best part is they can be easily styled with both eastern and western wear. Other than sandals, our collection for men also features sneakers that are a great catch along with boat style shoes and Espadrilles. These can be styled with any casual dressing to look cool and dashing.

Pocket-friendly shoes

Many brands charge a hefty amount for the comfy sandals for men and women and claim them to be even medicated. At Servis we don't need to make such hollow claims and charge an extra amount. We only deliver what our customers pay for. Therefore, our designs are sophisticated, simple and trendy keeping in mind the fact that shoes are to be worn for style and one's comfort.

Therefore, you’d be happy to know that our extensive range of these shoes including formal shoes for men as well our quite pocket friendly. Giving you style in a budget!

The extravagant formal shoes for men and women


Talking about formal shoes for men and women, our collection of these are no less than any international brand. With top-class quality and trendiest designs that will leave everyone awestruck, come and buy a pair for yourself from the extravagant collection of timeless and unique shoes for your office.

The collection for men features shoes such as Oxford, Derby, Monk, Loafers and Brogue. Make your shoe rack versatile with Servis latest collection of 2021. Wear them with your formal three-piece suit or even shirt and pants.

Formal shoes for ladies


Your everyday shoes also include the formal shoes that you have to wear for a longer period of hours. Therefore, the shoes that you have to wear for such long hours must be comfortable and made of breathable material.  At Servis, we care for your professional outlook and your care for your feet at the same time. Women can now shop for the exclusive designs of pumps shoes, and loafers which are designed specifically for formal wear.

At the same time, the pump shoes collection for ladies that come with light embellishments such as bows, metallic studs, pearls, and gemstones, are eye-catching to make any outfit look best on you.

Online shopping made convenient for all

As we talk about comfort, we want your shopping experience to be all comfortable as well at the same time. Hence, our facility of online shopping is for everyone and all collections. Buy sandals for girls, school shoes for the kids, Peshawari chappals for special occasions, and even accessories such as socks, bags, belts, wallets and even school bags at a convenience of single click on the website.

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