Set on a comfortable journey with our latest range of summer footwear for women

Set on a comfortable journey with our latest range of summer footwear for women

Comfort Collection by Servis

When it comes to ladies shoes, the most important thing is comfort level. Style does matter but comes after comfort. Be it heels, slippers, sandals or pump shoes, if you are not comfortable you should not wear them. We have always manufactured the most comfortable designs. Our comfortable shoes for women can be worn all day long. The inner cushioned sole can make you feel relaxed for many hours.

Select the right shoes

 All the females shoes are made with high-quality material with sheer focus on comfort level. Some women wear uncomfortable shoes just for the sake of fashion. This is certainly wrong! Even if you are wearing heels, you should feel comfortable wearing them. Shoe design and selection also plays a major role in creating comfort. If you have broader feet, avoid wearing tight shoes. If you work for long hours, go for cushioned shoes. Your major goal should be: Comfort and Design.

High-quality & fashionable footwear 

During summers, casual shoes for women are best for daily routine. If you are at home or going out, you need to be in the most comfortable and lightweight ladies footwear. Housewives work at home and working women in their office all day long. In order to avoid any foot discomfort or back ache, you need comfort women shoes by Servis. Our shoes are made of top-quality material that ensures foot care. From leather upper to inner sole to outer sole, all are crafted by our experts. You don’t have to get worried about eczema, injury or pain. You can add any design of your choice as daily wear from our comfort collection. There may be numerous brands in the market selling ladies shoes online. But don’t get carried away. You have to keep in mind the design, price, comfort and your foot shape. Purchase after considering everything. 

Best choice for summers

Relaxing Navy Blue Sandals

If you are looking for some nice sandals for women then you have to see this design. It has beautiful dotted leather upper that gives it a very elegant feel. The broad out sole with cushioned inner sole is perfect for walking. It has a plush back strap to keep your feet safe from bruises. If you want to set up on a comfortable journey the buy these ladies sandals. These decent navy blue sandals can become a goo replacement for your black sandals. You can wear them either with any of your Eastern or Western suit. You will love them!


Super-soft Mustard Chappal

Another best choice during summers is either a simple chappal or a fancy chappal. A soft chappal can be a good choice while going out on a sunny day. Mustards and yellows are quite in these days. This is the reason we have introduced this attractive ladies chappal design. It is made up of beautiful textured leather in mustard and durable plastic sole. This chappal for ladies can be a very good addition to your summer shoe designs. This highly thick and soft inner sole is best for your feet. A nice buckle has been added to give it a statement look. 


Trendy Red Slippers

Looking for some cool flip flops for women? Well, we present you this voguish slipper cum flip flop design. This elegant red slipper with contemporary design is something you must own. The broad wedge sole gives a good grip to your feet. This can be used as your daily wear shoes while working in home. It’s one of the hottest design from our range of slippers for women. You can also pair it up with your tee shirt and jeans for a casual look. Stop your search for ladies slippers and buy this design right away. 


Health & Shoes 

Your shoes and health are connected to one another. It is very important to remember this relationship while buying shoes. If you have a shoe that fits, then wear it; if not, find one that does. Our wide range of comfortable shoes for ladies has the power to keep you walking. You will not feel any pain while wearing them. Talking about the prices, totally reasonable as compared to other brands. High-quality leather and rubber sole has been used in all of our shoes. You can always trust us. 

Visit our website to buy the ultra-comfort yet stylish shoes. Happy shopping! 

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