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Stylish Chappals for Men | Online Footwear Shopping Pakistan | SERVIS

Opting for a more casual look? The only footwear to grab for men is Chappal in today’s world!

Slipper chappals for gents are the most worn and oldest known category of casual footwear but now these simple chappals have become much more of a mainstream thing - thanks to the modern twist given to it! Let’s be honest, Men’s leather chappals are fit for everyone and that’s why it should be the first choice to grab! But the history of these humble and simple chappals goes way back, worn by warriors and kings, also worn by your lousy neighbour and every other person who walks down the street.

The reason that these chappals are so conventional is that it’s a comfortable and traditional form of footwear and matches with almost every outfit and is perfect for your daily use. The most stylish footwear from this category by far is the leather chappals for men, they are so comfortable that you can pick it for a casual look any day. Also, one stylish chappal can nail most of your looks. Out of other options available, Hawai chappals are durable and fashionable and are available in various colours and designs to enhance comfort. But, don’t think this footwear is only for a casual look. Fancy chappals or sandals for both men and women are the usual talks of town, especially near festive season. Opt for chappal online shopping in the fast-paced world. You can find so many extraordinary shoes especially flat chappals and keep the fashion alive in the most convenient way possible!

But, is the Designer Chappals festive worthy?

Let’s be honest, we have a lot of festivals scheduled throughout the year which means that we need new outfits every once in a while and something glamorous to go along. The question here arises, whether chappal shoes are worth a shot or not. Either choose a white chappal or a chappal for men, no matter what you pick, make sure it suits your outfit the best. The choice matters! You might come across bathroom chappals, for instance, which are specially designed to be non-slippery or if superior comfort is the aim, cross chappals can perform much better than flip flop chappals. It is easier to wear and the anti-skid effect is usually good because of maximum coverage. But, to choose one for festivals, go for the right pick!

When it comes to fancy wear, you have a wide range of fancy chappals to choose from. The best trait to look for in this kind of footwear is style but don’t forget comfort, so go for some soft chappals. The most festive worthy choice would be to pick Kolhapuri Chappal for men which are all-time favourites to bring out the traditional look. It is usually worn on special occasions and festivals. It originated from Asia and is still famous throughout Pakistan and India. These chappals are suitable for all types of wearers because they turn soft and comfortable with your body heat and sweat, all the while making you look handsome. These shoes come in a diverse range of fashion and colours, for example, these fancy chappals come in different patterns and engravings, also available in different shades of leather, these chappals were crafted for traditional festivals. If you are looking forward to it, the latest chappals variety by Servis is to dive in for! The variety ranges from sports chappals to party wear chappals and has everything in between. The soft rubber chappals are everyone’s favorites. Find the most amazing variety of fancy or fashion chappals with the price on Servis online store.

Is there anything new and exciting in chappals for men?

A big yes! When it comes to new trends and styles of chappal, the footwear industry still manages to surprise us with their creative minds, creating new styles and products. The market came up with exciting footwear like flight or wedding chappals. Yes, the world is loving wild ideas! Here are some of those:

  • Sports chappal - who thought that sports could be played in chappals?
  • Waterproof Chappals - Remember this in the monsoon season as it’s useful when it rains out or you accidentally step in a puddle.
  • The anti-skid grass chappals - would be amazing to wear while going for a stroll in the park!
  • Yoga chappals -now you have a pair of chappals dedicated to yoga!

But the most commonly used among men is a pure leather slipper chappal, mainly because it's a sturdy shoe made for ease and comfort. This type of footwear is made for rough use and the market has also tilted towards the rubber-based products because of their high endurance and strength. When the world is moving to crazy gents fancy chappals you can still stick to the daily use chappals and can enjoy all the comfort!


Chappal shopping is not easy until you enter Servis!

Now, you know a lot about what amazing variety Servis offers. But before stepping in the store, you can also go through the prices of flat chappal designs for men or other types of footwear from online stores. No matter what you buy, either a walker or barsati chappal, just remember to look for a few features. Pick one that can complement your outfit if you are going for a new fancy chappal. While choosing a casual chappal, make sure it’s a good fit, and comfortable, keep in mind comfortability is your priority because you won’t feel good in your new slide chappals if they aren’t comfortable.

Now attempting to choose the right footwear may seem challenging at times, considering the number of options and styles available. So that’s where Servis steps in, bringing you the most comfortable and stylish footwear you can ever think of. So, shop now and get it delivered at your doorstep or visit any of our offline stores and grab any of your choices!

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