Flaunt your casual style with the best athleisure shoes by Servis

Flaunt your casual style with the best athleisure shoes by Servis

Good health demands an active lifestyle, regular workout or sports routine. To stay healthy, one has to opt for healthy activities including kids. Healthy activities require the best athletic shoes to stay comfortable for many hours. If you can't hit your gym or do a workout session at home daily, just try brisk walking. Be it, men, women or kids, everyone requires a perfect pair of shoes to wear during winter. Servis brings its fabulous range of sports shoes for men and women to keep you moving. Our super comfortable shoes are meant to support your feet without causing any discomfort. All those men and women who are always on their toes while working, need to relax their feet. Our latest women’s and men’s athletic shoes have got you covered for the cold season. Our sporty shoes for kids have been designed to keep their feet cosy and comfortable during daily activities.

If you are still indecisive about buying the best sports shoes for running, gym or walking, we are here with some stunning winter options for women, men and kids.


Women of today want fashion but with the right amount of comfort. They look for a foot-friendly option. If you are looking for comfortably stylish daily wear shoes for gym, work or university, we are here. Check out our chic running and gym shoes for women. Two to three basic athletic shoes with some ritzy sneakers are a must-have for all women.


If you want to enjoy your time at work or outside, go for our best white sneakers for women. For your gym routine, our slip-on joggers can do the work wonderfully. If you need some smart options for university, our peppy canvas shoes can be a good addition. Pack your summer shoes and bring in our soft shoes to complement your Eastern or Western wear.

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We know standing all the time can take a toll on your feet. But with the help of our supportive and breathable running shoes for men, you can do it restfully. Be it a flat or bumpy surface, you need to put on our best running shoes and you are all set to work at ease. Walk, run, play or train, do what you like without worrying about putting pressure on your feet. Our best running shoes for men have plush inner soles and rugged outer soles with breathable upper. When it comes to cushioning and supporting your feet, men’s running shoes are a perfect choice.

For all gym enthusiasts, our huge variety of gym shoes for men is waiting for you. You can select the best pair as per your daily requirement. The right pair of gym shoes can enhance your training as well as protect your feet from injury. Our versatile shoes can also be used outside of the gym as your staple pair for walking.


White sneakers for men are the talk of the town these days. That's why we have added the best white sneakers for men to our sports collection. They can cater to your fashion and comfort needs flawlessly. Wear them and feel the difference.


Apart from gym shoes, sports sneakers and running shoes for men and women, we have amazing kids’ athleisure shoes for 5-9 and 10-13 years old. Your munchkins deserve a comfortable time while running, walking or playing. Kids need firm foot support during their day-to-day adventures. Their shoes should not be too loose or too tight. You need to get your hands on our athletic shoe range for kids. You will find everything under one umbrella, from lively colours to impressive designs. These breathable, plush and long-lasting shoes are great for all seasons, especially winter. Let them play freely without any fear!

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High-Quality & Reasonable Sports Shoes - the best choice

Athleisure is the new trend in the fashion realm. So, our athleisure shoes offer the perfect fusion of comfort and fashion for daily wear. You can wear them daily while going out. Our designs include a cushioned inner sole, anti-slip rugged outer sole and skin-friendly upper. They have been designed keeping in mind your perfect fit and comfortability factor. Super lightweight and easy to wear, our shoes can pull off your casual look beautifully. Coming to the prices of our high-quality shoes, they are a catch. Don’t think twice. Upgrade your winter style by incorporating sporty yet elegant sports shoes.

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