From the runaway to the roads, our shoes are all the range among consumers from all walks of life. We do not follow trends.

Accepted globally

Accepted globally

We are loved locally, but also quite famous internationally. We make up 50% of Pakistan’s entire footwear export, helping the economy grow as we do.

Time's Tested

Time's Tested

Ever since it’s inception in 1941, Service Group has served the nation with quality and innovation. We didn’t just master the game, we helped make it what it is today.

Community Care

Community Care

A significant percentage of our profits is used to fund health, education and other community service projects so that we may help give back to the community that helped us become what we are, as we are today.

Service Industries Limited

Service Industries Limited (SIL) is a public limited company listed on the stock exchanges of Pakistan.

It is the largest manufacturer of footwear, tyres & tubes and has been the largest footwear exporter of the country .The company has facilities located in Gujrat and Muridke and exports its products in many destinations around the world. With a strong emphasis on product quality and innovation, SIL has built both domestic and international recognition of company’s products.

Servis Shoes is one of Pakistan’s favorite footwear brands since the last 7 decades. The brand has more than 100 stores across Pakistan and is currently committed to a fast pace expansion plan for new stores. Servis is a one-stop-shop for the entire family, catering to footwear and accessory needs of men, women and children.

All ShoeBox outlets are now Servis shops. Customers can now get our top quality products of all brands under the banner of Servis.

Service brands:


is a premium, high quality footwear brand for sophisticated men. Its craftsmanship exudes authenticity, class and unmatched luxury in footwear.


is an affordable footwear brand for fun loving men. It provides value for money by allowing them to keep up with the latest trends.


provides the girl next door with a complete range of fashionable accessories for every occasion. Ekisha does this by focusing on en vogue designs, providing footwear and accessories that complete a wardrobe that gives her the freedom to express herself.


is for every carefree child that sets out for exploration as we provide a complete range of footwear items to help them with all their adventures. We do this by focusing on colors, comfort and durability giving the child the opportunity to do what kids do best – explore, enjoy and play!


is for the sportsman inside. Be it a casual jog or a hardcore exercise on the track, Ace like its name will make sure you’re on your A-game at all times.


Cheetah is the Servis Legacy brand. The brand has been here since the last 7 decades and is a household name for good quality sports shoes.

Servis Comfeet

Servis Comfeet focuses on quality and comfort. Anti-slip, light weight and extra cushioning are some attributes that provide true value for money.


is for those with lust for walking. They are restless and ever ready to embark on a new journey – in a good pair of shoes

Ekisha Comfy

Ekisha comfy is where comfort meets fashion. Latest modern designs and extra comfort for happy feet.