men comfy chappals for eid ul fitr

Men Comfy Chappals for Eid ul Fitr

Servis chappal for men

Being Muslims, we celebrate two Eid festivals throughout the year. The first one is Eid ul Fitr (meethi Eid) and the second is Eid ul Adha (Eid e qurban). Both the festivals have a uniqueness of their own. However, the charm of Eid ul Fitr is special in terms of shopping for new dresses and shoes. As Eid ul Fitr is about to happen in the summer season, most men will prefer comfy and soft chappals to wear this Eid. Moreover, there are fancy chappals to match the Eid attire to complete the ultimate Eid look. In this regard, Servis is putting forward a wide variety of chappals for men.

In our wide variety of shoes for men, we also have eye-catching designer chappal from renowned designers. Servis has durable and beautiful shoes on its display for its customers. We aim to present you with nothing less than the best.


Pakistani Peshawari chappal by Servis

Fashion trends for footwear by Servis include a unique and eye-catching combination of designs for gent's chappal. The aim is to put both practicality and comfort in its new chappal to introduce a new direction in men's fashion. Moreover, men are especially inclined to wear leather chappals for men. So, in the variety of leather shoes, the Pakistani Peshawari chappal is the center of attention for men. Although Peshawari chappal is linked to Pashtuns, it is the choice of non-Pashtuns as well. Therefore, we are putting special focus on this leather chappal for men.


Servis has an unusual combination of colors for gents chappal. Black leather chappal for men gives a classy and decent ultimate look to you. Moreover, it is an easy and best match for any dress. Apart from this, there is also a blue color choice in a variety of Pakistani Peshawari chappals. Additionally, there are other color choices as well to get a matching new chappal with your dresses.

Servis offers stylish Eid chappal for you

Well, if it is Eid chappal it must be a stylish one. Because Eid is a special occasion for us and everyone likes to have a perfectly beautiful look. For men, a leather chappal is the best choice for this Eid with an elegant kameez salwar suit. So, you are in the right place to get the stylish chappal for Eid from Servis. We are aware of your desire to look stylish on Eid at an affordable price. Therefore, Servis is presenting stylish leather chappals for its customers to enjoy their Eid to the fullest. Moreover, this Eid chappal is comfortable for walking without burning your feet and will give you blister-free feet by the end of the day.

Buy online chappals – Servis Eid footwear

Servis is there for its customers to facilitate in every possible way. In the extreme condition of the summer season, we are offering online chappals for you as an easy purchase option. If you want to buy beautiful Pakistani chappals by staying indoors, visit the online chappal store by Servis. The Eid footwear collection at Servis has chappals in every color with multiple designs. This is an ideal opportunity for busy men who have no time to go out shopping. Servis will not let you behind others in the preparation for Eid. So, visit our website at any time and place your order. We will deliver it in time to your doorstep.

Chappal price in Pakistan by Servis

As more and more people are inclined toward everything online and do not wish to go out during the hot summer season. So, Servis provides an outstanding experience for online chappal shopping in Pakistan. Moreover, men are also conscious of price tags. As it comes to mind that if it is easy to get online; it must be pricey as well. However, Servis has no intention of taking advantage of any situation. We are offering the best and low chappal prices in Pakistan. Therefore, Servis provides, by all means, the best men’s chappal in Pakistan. It may be a wonderful addition to your footwear collection at home for this Eid ul Fitr.


Servis is one of Pakistan’s leading footwear manufacturing and retail corporations. It has served the best footwear collection for more than six decades. The brand is conscious of producing premium quality shoes for the people of Pakistan. We believe that if you wear comfy shoes, it is easier to work for your goals without interruption. Servis aims to be the best companion in the walk for your causes. Moreover, it provides outstanding sales services at both online shopping stores and physical shopping stores as well. This is the reason behind successful market performance for more than 67 years. So, the brand is synonymous with a mark of excellence.

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