servis men sandals for meethi eid

Servis Men Sandals for Meethi Eid

Men's sandals by Servis

As we live in a country where both seasons show extreme conditions, people style according to the season. Common footwear during the ongoing summer season is men's sandals. If you are to take a simple walk through the street or go to a get-together, you may confidently opt for leather sandals for men. These look equally good and stylish for either purpose. Our brand design is special Pakistani sandals men love to wear during national culture days and Islamic festivals.

Servis is bringing designer sandals to give you an ultimate graceful look with your kurta and salwar suit for any occasion during the summer season. Moreover, you can wear them with a nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt for an ideal summer look. Servis not only prefers the stylish overall look and appearance of men's sandals, but it also focuses on making reliable and comfortable footwear. In addition to this, we aim to deliver durable shoes in the comfort zone of your house.

Buy men's sandals online from Servis

Eid is due in May this year during the summer season. It is a general observation that as Eid arrives, all the brands come up with different varieties of Eid sandals for men. For men's sandals 2022 new designs and varieties, visit our webpage to view the details. Moreover, if you are looking for a men's sandal online purchase option, you may place your order through the website and may get the best sandals for men delivered to your doorstep in free home delivery.

Servis has put special efforts into bringing the best sandals for men without repeating the old designs. Eid's collection of men's sandals 2022 is worth seeing. It includes leather sandals; sandals for daily use and party wear sandals. Moreover, the prices of these durable and beautiful sandals are especially low for the Eid season. So, do not miss the opportunity to wear trendy men's sandals this Eid by Servis.

Beautiful sandals as Eid Footwear

Eid brings excitement and felicity of meeting loved ones and wearing beautiful attires with matching beautiful sandals. Sometimes brands put extra prices on their shoes to get the advantage of Eid. Everyone will purchase new dresses and shoes for Eid, so prices become sky-high. However, Servis is here to take care of you and to enhance the charm of your Eid by putting forward stylish sandals for men at affordable prices. Now, we are presenting a special Eid footwear collection to make this Eid more enjoyable for you. These sandals are not just beautiful but are also long-lasting. Servis sandals are easy to wear and the soft inner sole is perfect for long-distance walking.

Summer sandals

As we know that summer is ongoing and it is an ordeal to wear closed shoes even for a short time. Moreover, close shoes are often accompanied by wearing socks as well. So, it becomes really difficult to stay in close shoes. But this is important for your office time or school time. However, for the rest of the time, Servis perks you with delighting your feet by offering you summer sandals. In addition to this, during summer, men prefer to wear open shoes such as leather sandals. These sandals are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe. Therefore, Servis is here with its leather sandals to become your foot care partner. Go to our website to see a unique and wide variety of sandals for men in 2022.

Branded sandals for men

We have something for everyone. Like, we know some people like to wear simple and casual sandals. Others admire branded sandals. So, Servis is also a platform for branded sandals for men. All the variety of men's sandals is available at reasonable prices. The low-budget offer is here for you to get the easy approach to your favorite brand’s sandals. Moreover, Servis has outstanding market repute regarding men’s sandal sales due to the premium quality of sandals. Walking in Servis’s sandals will give you a perfect comfortable walking experience. Afterwards, once you become our customer, you will stay with us.


Servis is one of the largest shoe retail and manufacturing industries in Pakistan. The brand has been serving the best quality shoes for end consumers for more than six decades. It is a huge achievement to stay on the top manufacturer’s list for such a long duration. Servis provides the best services regarding sales and delivery of its products. Moreover, the brand is striving to bring nothing less than the best to its customers. It is the reward for untiring efforts in the production of premium quality shoes for the people of Pakistan so that they may find it easy to walk for their causes.

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