Sneak peek into Servis Sneakers Collection

Sneak peek into Servis Sneakers Collection

We all ponder over the phenomena of food for the soul. But what about your foot soles? We generally tend to ignore foot care and focus mainly only on our dressing and wellbeing. Shoes are an important part of your outfit. It can either make or break your entire look. Hence you simply cannot underestimate the importance of picking the right kind of shoe to match your outfit or the occasion you are headed to.

Some people are health freaks, and by that, we mean that they not only focus on their activities to stay fit but also invest in all necessary items and accessories that help them stay healthy. Thus the right kind of shoes plays a vital and supporting role in the journey to stay fit. Below are some great picks for you, which are not only stylish, up to date, and trendy, but also provide comfort so you can carry yourself with confidence.

There’s always a pair of shoe that lying in your shoe rack or at the corner of your room which is your most go-to shoes. When talking about shoes for men, they are usually sneakers that are easy to wear and have the right amount of style to finish your overall look. 

We are here to talk about sneakers and not just ordinary ones, but the trendiest and comfortable ones, that are available at all outlets of Servis and online stores as well. Sneakers can be considered as everyday casual shoes for men because the design of the sneakers is such that they can be worn with any casual or semi-formal outfit. Our sneakers are made with solid padding, and exterior with tensile and durable material so that you can walk in these shoes without thinking that they’ll get damaged. So get ready for those long mile walks and tough workouts, as these will prove to be your best workout buddies!

On the other hand, ladies also have a designated pair of shoes that they call their all-day wear slip-on. At Servis, there is a huge variety of such casual shoes for women that provide the ultimate comfort and style with both. So let’s get into the details of these shoes so that you can decide which one to get for yourself.

Splendid sneakers collection

Some women take footcare to far lengths and opt to wear sneakers as ladies casual shoes. We often see young ladies wearing sneakers on their way to college as it makes long walks easier for them in that comfortable footwear. Especially girls who pursue sports activities in their college and universities, prefer to wear shoes that are tough on the exterior, and comfortable and secure from the inside. Moreover, it keeps their feet dust-free and covered from the rigid skin tanning.

At servis, there is a variety of designs when it comes to flats and sandals for women, with different sole thicknesses. Speaking of comfort and stylish designs, that our plain yet vibrant flip flops are just perfect for your all-day wear. Similarly, our collection of sandals with stylish crossover bands and straps with intricate details are the right pick for you.

Color range and styles

At servis, you’d be delighted to find out the huge variety of sneakers that are available for men and women. From neutral colors, to vibrant and sporty yet edgy looks, and different styles, we have a splendid range of sneakers for causal walks, workouts, running etc. You can pick from lace-up sneakers to non-lace ups, flat soles, and thick soles as well depending on your comfort and liking, we assure you that your feet will remain secure in them.

Men’s sneakers collections

Have you been looking for the best sneakers for men and haven’t been able to find one? Stop wasting your time by looking here and there, and come right away at Servis. The sneakers range for men and women both starts from Rs. 2999 and goes up to Rs.6000. Walk-in style and confidence by slipping in your feet in these solid and tensile sneaker shoes for men. These are currently available in different shades and designs, such as brown, black, blue, grey, charcoal black etc. so that you can easily mix and match them with your outfit.

At Servis, our men sneakers collection has caused quite a stir in the market due to its trending designs and affordability. From trendy sneaker shoes for men to a relaxing pair of flats for home, you can now purchase any style from one stop. They are just a click away from you, by simply placing an order online.

Stay fit with ladies sneakers

To lead a healthy lifestyle, one must focus on staying fit regardless of age. Ideally one should start working on this at a young age.  Going to the gym or for a walk is not sufficient. You need the right kind of tracksuit or gym outfit with the right type of shoes. This is where we want to insist women purchase women sneakers so they can head out for their walk or gym session without any hesitation. What’s stopping you all? They are the best casual sneakers for women that provide style along with strength, flexibility and durability, all in a magical price range and variety of colors to choose from.

Travel buddy

Planning a trip up north? Then men sneakers will do it all for you! We promise you that servis has got you covered ladies and gentlemen.

With our latest and new style shoes available in all ranges, you will be able to travel and do hiking on the steep peaks easily as they will provide you with great support and flexibility. Ranging from the low rise and high rise sneakers both, easy to wear loafers and strappy sandals, you can roam around to any place you want, without having to worry about which pair of shoes to put on.

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