Step out in style this winter season with the Servis

Step out in style this winter season with the Servis

Hello winter season! The sun is no longer on its peak and the chilly winters have taken over! Where winter season means revamping your wardrobe with some of the coziest clothes it also means stocking yourself up with some new shoes too! And there is nothing better than a sleek and stylish pair of shoes from our latest winter collection!

When it is no longer hot and sunny, the first thought that comes to mind is you put on our best pair of shoes and go out for exploring the world! But only the right pair of shoes- the one that is comfortable and cozy ad can be worn all day. Even a slightly uneasy shoe can ruin your adventurous day in an instance. If the shoe doesn’t fit, it can cause blisters. If the shoe does not made have a good inner sole it can cause irritation, skin-allergy, infection or even severe warts.  That’s why when selecting a pair of shoes you have to make sure that not only it looks good but is also comfortable and safe to wear.

Well, we have a good news! You are in the right place because we are here to provide the best quality shoes in town. The Shoe box isn’t just any shoe store! We are a world-class shoe store that has something for everyone! Our widest winter collection shoes are made keeping all our adventure loving customers in mind. The adventure can be a trip to the mountains or a risky business meeting! But an adventure nonetheless!

Get adventure-ready:

When it is your time to have adventures, make sure you have everything ready! And of course that includes your footwear too. Because what’s an adventure without some casual sneaker shoes for men.

Keeping this in mind, we have created a wide range of sneakers just for you. Let’s get into the details of our best pair of sneakers!

Our top-pick for all the adventure loving souls who also care about comfort is this white and grey sneakers. They can be the best casual shoes for men speaking in terms of style, design, and comfort! The outer sole is made with the finest material that provides a great finish to the shoe and the inner sole is made with elastic cushion that is not only cozy but also prevents injury if the foot gets twisted. The soft inner cushioning provides support to the ankle and prevents ankle spraining. This makes them the ideal pair of shoes for all the adventure loving souls out there!

Let your adventure spirit go wild with this light brown sneaker that is a great addition to your winter collection shoes because of its premium quality, style and comfort. The finest material, and expert craftsmanship goes into making each pair of shoes. That’s why the shoes are not only stylish to look at are also high-strength and durable.

Sneakers for ladies

Adventures shouldn’t be limited to the men only! We care about the ladies equally! So here is a great news for all ladies out there! We are here with some chic and stylish women sneakers! Apart from being super comfy and stylish they have one plus point! They give you a boost of confidence each time you put them on.

Here’s our pick from our ladies sneakers collection:

Ladies pump shoes

If you aren’t out for an adventure, you must be in need of some smart flat shoes that are comfortable for all day wearing. Our suggestion is to invest into a pair of ladies pump shoes because they are functional and easy to slip on. The pumps can be your feet’s savior since they do not cause any discomfort and are as lightweight as cotton. So if you are looking for a pair of shoes that are not only stylish but also comfortable, go for one of our pump shoes.


These stylish maroon pump shoes are not only cute to look at but are also lightweight, comfortable and suits well with all kinds of dressing. Whether you are wearing an eastern outfit or a western one, these sleek and smart pump shoes are going to add oomph to your outfits nonetheless. Thus they can be the best option when looking for women winter shoes.

Formal shoes for men

Heading for the interview? Or getting ready to show-off some intellectual as well as styling skills at the meeting? Either way, you need some sleek and stylish formal shoes to look on point for any formal occasion.

These lace ups are made with a soft inner sole and a textured outer sole which makes them stylish and comfortable for long office hours. The black color is a classic and universal tone that makes them look great with any color combination. These men’s formal shoes are a perfect addition to your wardrobe that will elevate your personality in an instance!

Our wide range of shoes are here to give you some styling and comfort goals the moment you put them on.  So visit our website and explore our finest collection of men’s winter shoes. Happy Shopping!

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