upgrade your summer shoe rack with traditional men’s peshawari chappals

Upgrade your summer shoe rack with traditional Men’s Peshawari Chappals

The summer season calls for some nice pair of comfortable Peshawari chappals. Peshawari chappals have been an important part of Pashtun tradition for years. With time it also gained popularity among the other regions of Pakistan. You can call it a traditional variant of men’s sandals in Pakistan and it is famous as ‘Peshawari Chappals everywhere. Men prefer to opt for open shoes on hot sunny days. To stay comfortable yet classy during summers you need to own some comfortable men’s chappal and sandals designs. 

Splendid Peshawari chappal collection by Servis

Traditional men’s shoe designs have their own beauty; be it a Peshawari Kheri or Peshawari chappal. Servis brings you its latest collection of Peshawari chappals for men with elegant designs and exclusive colours. You can’t ignore the evergreen charm of these chappals even if you love to wear Western attire. Whenever it comes to festive events in any season, men always hand-pick traditional shoe styles. 

Fusion of tradition & comfort

Online shopping has provided ease to customers due to which they shop a lot. This has impacted the Peshawari chappal price in Pakistan and its sales that got doubled over years. If you are looking for a perfect fusion of comfort and tradition then you need to buy our amazing Peshawari chappal online.  We have manufactured this special Pakistani chappal design with the utmost focus on quality and finishing. You may find multiple brands offering Peshawari chappals but you may not be able to find your perfect fit. 

Every man’s favourite - Peshawari chappal

Gents’ and ladies’ peshawari chappal designs are very popular among youngsters so they wear them as a fashion statement. We are offering feet-friendly chappal range by keeping in mind your style and comfort needs. Men are very particular about their shoes as they always select premium quality products. Our high-quality leather, soft inner sole and durable outer sole makes them worth buying.

Impressive Black Peshawari Chappals – For Daily use

If you are looking for a classy black Peshawari chappal then you have to check out this sleek design. The textured leather adds to the beauty of this chappal. Every man should have a pair of decent black traditional shoes in his shoe rack to wear on several occasions. You can never go wrong with a black chappal paired with a white Shalwar Kameez for a festive event. Black colour has the power to make everything look graceful and our design will surely complement your entire Eastern look. Shop this Peshawari chappal online at the convenience of your home. We ensure that this black Peshawari chappal will become your favourite. 

Minimalistic Brown Peshawari Chappal – For a signature look

The next design we are going to show you is our most-demanded one for this season. It is none other than our suave brown Peshawari chappal with a three-layered sturdy rubber sole for a perfect grip. It is composed of exclusive soft plain brown leather in matte texture and soft inner sole for a comfortable walk. It can be a flawless choice with any black Shalwar Kameez. This striking men’s Peshawari chappal is one of the best Peshawari chappal designs on our e-store. You can wear it for long hours without feeling any discomfort in your feet. Get ready to impress your friends!


Vibrant Navy Blue Chappals – For an exclusive look

Who doesn’t want to leave an ever-lasting impression with their shoes? Of course, we all want to. Our shiny new Peshawari chappal in navy blue colour has all the power to make you look handsome. The premium textured leather, contrasting inner sole and stitching pattern around the outer sole is enhancing its charm. If you are looking for a distinctive colored Peshawari chappal online then it’s waiting to be in your cart. Men mostly purchase brown or black Peshawari chappal with all of their Eastern clothes. It’s time to break the monotony by trying out these vibrant colored shoes to slay your desi look.


Offering perfect fit, price & size in town

Price becomes an important factor while selecting high-quality shoes. You will be surprised to see that all of our comfortable Peshawari chappal collection is reasonably priced. Getting a wide variety of Peshawari chappal designs at the best prices is a sheer blessing. Our branded Peshawari chappals are perfectly made for your feet with strong outer sole, high-quality leather upper and padded shoe inner. If you are not sure about your foot size, our customer services representative will help you select the perfect fit and size online. Whichever Peshawari chappal you will choose, it will be delivered on time as per your expectations. What are you waiting for? Buy your favorite Peshawari chappals online before the stock runs out!

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