Walk-in ease and style with servis collection this Eid.

Walk-in ease and style with servis collection this Eid.

Whenever Eid is round the corner, we can see that all shopping malls and markets are crowded with people. Everyone is crazy about shopping, from clothes, bags, makeup and shoes. When it comes to shoes, they are an integral part of one’s outfit. Picking the right kind of shoe to match with an outfit can be quite tricky at times. So let us help you pick the right kind of shoe style to go with your outfit this Eid.

Casual Shoes for men

Let’s begin with the latest casual shoes design for men that is available at all stores of Servis. The variety available at our stores can be paired with both eastern and western dressing for men. However, with Eid being the talk of the town, for now, you can easily wear one of our comfortable moccasins with your shalwar kameez. Moccasins are the perfect casual shoes for men yet secretly formal and dressy. These timeless shoes can be worn by youngsters, middle-aged men and even older people. Moreover, these shoes will keep your feet covered from all the bloody mess on Eid-ul-Azha.

Casual Shoes for women

Eid-ul-Azha calls for meaty treats, this means that the women have to attend to their kitchen duties. As a result, women have to stand for long hours in the kitchen which puts stress and pressure on their feet. For this reason, you must buy a pair of flats from the new arrival sandals in our comfortable shoe section. These sandals have been designed specially to give your heels and sole the utmost comfort and right posture when you work in the kitchen while standing. So don’t waste your time and grab these stylish looking pair of sandals in our Eid gala.

Add a spark of style

This Eid is all about being on your toes literally. Men have to be around the butchers and handling meat. Women have to take care of the kitchen chores and cooking on this day. But this does not mean that you can’t do work while looking fashionable. Our ravishing collection of new arrival shoes for ladies are a steal and worth the price. We bet you won't be able to find trendy and most affordable pairs of flats and sandals anywhere else other than Servis. Bring some spark to your overall look with our classy collection of flats. Pearls, studs, shimmery band, buckles, rhinestones, bows, and crossovers- plenty of styles to match your Eid outfit.

The hunk factor

Wearing the right pair of shoes for any occasion is like adding a cherry on top of a cake. A man’s personality can only outshine everyone else if he is wearing a classy pair of shoes. Therefore, the collection of new arrival shoes for men at Servis is all about class coupled with sheer elegance.  From sneakers, moccasins, formal shoes, Peshawari chappals, and comfortable sandals, we have got it all under one roof. If you are in the mood for eastern vibes, then Peshawari chappals are just for you. Our dazzling collection of these chappals made from the finest of leather will add the hunk factor to this Eid. These shoes for men stand to represent true elegance without a doubt.

Eastern vibes on Eid

Girls love to dress up and accessorize at formal events. Eid is one of those days where girls, and boys and even kids dress up in the best of their outfits and shoes. Our suede leather sandals are unique men’s shoes new arrival as they can be worn with casual western clothes and with an eastern set of clothes as well. These sandals are available in numerous styles and colors to go with any shade of outfit. You surely won’t be disappointed by our extravagant collection of sandals for men that include styles such as braided bands, broadbands, buckles, stripes, Velcro, and patterns. So get ready to purchase some new design casual shoes that will brighten up your shoe rack instantly.

Online shopping for everyone

If you are not sure of what shoe size will fit you the best, you can refer to our size guide chart. You simply have to measure your feet and refer to the relevant size mentioned in the chart. Place an order of your favorite pair and you can receive it at your doorstep just before Eid. You don’t have to step out in the shops and be pushed away by the crowd. No more tension of running out of stock as well. Just go over the website and put your ideal pair of sandals, heels or comfortable flats in the cart and simply check out later. You may also gift a pair to your friend or cousin by entering their shipping address for delivery. And the best part is you can pay for it online via debit card.

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