women comfortable chappals for eid

Women Comfortable Chappals for Eid

Fancy Eid chappal at Eid Collection by Servis

Eid day is one of the very special days for women and kids. They are super excited about Eid and do a lot of preparations. Women especially purchase different ensembles for all three days of Eid. Eid is all about happiness, reward and colors all around. All of this preparation requires a lot of energy and money as well. We, as a brand, are here with you to double the happiness of your Eid by offering a beautiful variety of Eid chappal. Servis aims to make these preparations light on your pocket without cutting the edges. Moreover, if you opt for online shopping from us, it will save your time and expense of going to market as well.

The ladies' chappals at our online store are gorgeous and stylish. These women chappals that you will see on the web page display are not different from the original chappals. Servis stands behind the original colors and design of its casual chappal for ladies and all the other products as well.

Branded ladies chappal by Servis for gorgeous YOU!

In the gorgeous variety of ladies’ slippers, Servis has a special slot for branded ladies' chappals as well. Women love to wear branded and unique dresses and chappals. In addition to this, the special emphasis on chappal for this Eid lies behind a reason. It is so because Eid is coming in summer and everyone will prefer to wear beautiful chappals, sandals and open shoes. So, Servis is presenting an unusual combination of brilliant colors and shimmering design flat chappal ladies will love to wear on Eid. Moreover, the color choice for ladies’ slippers is according to the fact of matching with dresses. So, ladies will not find it difficult to get matching chappals.

For ladies, Eid is not just about enjoying but is also about running a lot of household errands. So, Servis presents soft chappals for ladies. These are super stylish yet comfy and make work less tiring for you.

 Eid chappals to match your graceful attire

It is not necessary to wear high heels for Eid as it is easier to move in slippers for women. There are numerous designs and textures of fancy chappals at Servis. Moreover, Eid chappals will allow you to follow your busy schedule throughout the day. It will make you move indoors and outdoors with ease and you may seem active among all others. In addition to this, the gorgeous pearls and motifs are attached to enhance the beauty of these chappals. When you wear these decorated chappals with your elegant Eid attire, it may give you a feeling of confidence and felicity.

Eye-catching ladies’ chappal designs by Servis

Servis presents unique ladies' chappal designs that are mostly liked by our customers. We are receiving hugely positive feedback from our customers regarding ladies’ fancy chappals. The feedback mostly covers the overall quality and color selection for chappals for women. Whether it is a routine day or Eid day, Servis chappal for women not only adds a spark to your personality but is also comfortable and durable to keep your feet fresh all day. People say that an hour’s walk releases bad feelings through your feet. So, Servis is also a partner for your mental wellbeing and provides you with a soft chappal to walk for long-distance and more time without getting tired.

Casual chappal for ladies

Well, Eid only lasts for three days however, the rest of the days demand a casual as well as stylish look. Moreover, it is a secret of everyone to look great even while sleeping. So, the desire of being the most beautiful and well-dressed with a perfect match of chappals is achievable by going through the collection of casual chappals for ladies. Moreover, the variety of flip flop slippers for women has beautiful and simple designs. They are sleek and stylish. Some of them have pearls and embroidery as well. These are the best option to wear all day long as they will keep your feet comfortable and are super soft chappals for ladies.


Servis is presenting the best Eid collection of women's chappals. The brand is making untiring efforts to bring happiness and a feeling of fullness to everyone. It is offering the finest quality chappal for reasonable prices. From super fancy Eid chappal to casual chappal for ladies, all are gorgeous and durable. These are designed to give ladies their desired stylish look with comfort in running the daily life errands in and out of the house. Moreover, women are delicate and their dresses and chappals are made in accordance to add grace and elegance. Servis is providing beautiful chappals for ladies that boost their confidence. So, refine your gait with Servis chappals. There are best discounts offers as well that are waiting for you. Come and have fun!

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